Guide to Create USB Boot with Grub4dos easily

What is Grub4dos

In fact, about 70% of people often use Boot from CD because today’s computers always advise CD or DVD drives. So in the case such as the CD / DVD drive is damaged or for some reason, you need to reboot the device, what should I do?

If this is the case, you will need a USB Boot instead of Booting from CD or DVD! And to get a USB Boot is also very simple in just a few steps. Today, we will introduce to you the software that creates the fastest and simplest USB Boot named Grub4dos.

What is Grub4dos?

What is Grub4dos

Grub4dos is a software that allows users to create extremely fast and easy USB Boot to install Windows operating systems on their computers. This useful tool will assist you when you want to backup, restore and reinstall Windows. In addition, Grub4dos has the ability to automatically identify the USB connection to the computer, fully supporting USB information such as name, total capacity, free space … Users can easily customize, Make settings that are appropriate for your intended use.

Grub4dos since its inception until now has always received positive feedback from users. The application automatically recognizes the USB connection to the computer and supports the most basic information about USB. In particular, with Grub4dos, you can ghost both the latest Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

With just a few simple steps, you can create USB Boot, and advice on how to create an accurate drive backup, recover data from bad sectors, handle virus problems, errors. platform used. Besides, you can also turn off and off the platform used directly from the MBR partitions or from CDs. It can be said that using Grub4dos is the best way for you to perform many operations on the user platform.

Grub4dos has an outstanding advantage that users do not need to format the entire USB, but also be flexibly customized. Moreover, Grub4dos has the talent to automatically identify USB devices connected to the computer and fully supports USB information such as device name, memory capacity, … Therefore, you can rely on these specific factors, make the appropriate settings. After you’ve created a USB Boot, you can bring it to use at any time.

The outstanding uses of Grub4dos

  • Create a USB Boot simply and quickly with just a few steps
  • Recover data from bad sectors
  • Automatic recognition of USB
  • Create an exact drive backup
  • No need to format the entire USB
  • Provide element information about the USB device
  • Handling problems caused by viruses or platform errors

How to create USB Boot using Grub4dos

Creating a USB Boot with Grub4dos is very simple that anyone can do. First, you need to prepare the following:

  • USB with a capacity not less than 1 Gb
  • Hiren BootCD software (with all versions)
  • Grub4dos software

Before you begin, you need to remember a little note: since the platform version uses Windows 10, 8.1, 8 to launch the software, you need to right-click the file to run and buy. Run as an administrator!

You can download Grub4dos software at

Step 1: Format the USB drive.

How to create USB Boot using Grub4dos

Step 2: Turn off Grub4dos again and do the following:

  • At Disk, click Refresh to identify and then select the USB you want to create Boot
  • In Part List, click Refresh and select Whole disk (MBR)
  • Finally, once the setup is complete, click Install to start the setup.

How to create USB Boot using Grub4dos 2

Step 3: At this time, the command dialog box will notify the MBR / BS set up on the USB is complete. Press any key or Enter to finish.

Step 4: At this step, your task is to copy 2 grldr and menu.lst files from the file that has been extracted onto the USB device.

Step 5: Open Hiren’s Boot folder, copy all the files in it to USB

And so, with just 5 easy steps, you can successfully create USB Boot using Grub4dos software and there! And also depending on the version of Hiren’s Boot that you download and after the file extraction will have the interface as well as different file components. Creating this USB Boot will be extremely helpful for you to backup, restore and set up Windows. It meets the needs of many users and typically helps you to set up the platform to use the equivalent of a Windows setup disc.

If with the above instructions, you still can not create USB Boot with Grub4dos software, please leave a comment to share with us the trouble you are having. We will help you overcome that situation in talent and in the shortest possible time. I wish you a successful implementation!

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