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Avast Premier 2019 Full Crack

Avast offers a variety of packages to choose from. And even if you decide to use the free version for Windows or Mac, you won’t feel disappointed. In addition to blocking viruses and malware (including no-date threats), both Windows and Mac versions warn you about unsafe websites, home network scans, and security protection. your password.

With so many talents and powerful effects, Avast Premier 2019 software always brings the best convenience to users. If you are one of those people who often use computers, it is not too strange with anti-virus software. And with the leading effect of antivirus, Avast Premier 2019 software always ranks at the number 1 position in the current rankings.

An upgraded Avast antivirus program meets all of these core requirements: it’s lightweight, reliable, and easy to use. It goes without saying that its powerful free antivirus software has traditionally been the reason for Avast’s worldwide popularity. But even on top of this, the software has a lot of favorite things.

What is Avast Premier antivirus 2019?

We can now understand that Avast Premier 2019 software is one of the best antivirus software today. Therefore, the main effect of Avast Premier software is also the anti-virus effect. In addition to the anti-virus effect, the Avast Premier software is also one of the most versatile software available today.

With a wide range of effects and effects integrated into the Avast Premier 2019 version, the Avast Premier software is always the number one choice for versatile antivirus software. Currently, Avast Premier software 2019 is having effects such as firewalls, anti-spam…

Avast Premier antivirus 2019

Avast Premier 2019 is a solid security suite with some good extras like a webcam blocker and an improved Do Not Disturb mode. I am not sure that the anti-phishing feature has improved as well as expected, as its results are mixed in my brief experience with this feature. However, testers for Avast score high and overall the company has a great reputation as a strong security product.

The reason I chose Avast Free Antivirus

Data Shredder features :

This is a very cool feature and it is only available in the Premier version that I share today. This function can delete files that are suspected virus and prevent it from being restored. Previously, my computer was a virus, I used the default virus scanner of Windows 10, it finds and scans for all viruses. But…. I turned the computer back on and the virus files still appeared, which means these viruses are extremely stubborn. Surely many of you have encountered this situation, right? With this function, it will block the virus we just deleted can not “reproduce” anymore and stop causing harm …

Malware protection

One of the important factors to evaluate an anti-virus software is its ability to combat malware attacks. And without a doubt, Avast is the perfect tool to protect your device against the most sophisticated malware. The software uses 6-layer deep protection to detect and prevent harmful programs in seconds. Avast is also effective at removing malware.

Ransomware is an annoying thing. When your computer is infected, you will most likely lose a large number of files because they will be encrypted. That’s why reliable tools are needed to detect ransomware and rescue your device from it.

Easy to use

One of the biggest advantages of Avast is that it is very easy to use. Thanks to the intuitive interface, it is a simple tool even for beginners. To start using Avast, download it for free from the official website. The free program is available for download even on some third-party websites, but on the official website, you will find all the latest Avast products.

Avast Premier features 2019

Below is a list of updated features on Avast Premier 2019 version

  • Smart virus removal
  • CyberCapture
  • Home network security
  • Smart scan
  • Sandbox
  • Clean up the browser
  • password
  • Secure DNS
  • SafeZone browser
  • Firewall
  • Anti-spam
  • Automatic software updater
  • Data shredder

Link to download the latest Avast Premier 2019 software

Below is the installation file that I took from the original home page. So you feel comfortable to use. It will automatically update to the latest version as well. Through 2020 will update itself 2020.

Download Avast Premier online installer

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How to Crack Avast Premier 2019

Avast Premier 2019 is paid software. Any good software will, of course, charge you !! Because of that, I will write more instructions on how to activate the copyright of Avast Premier from 2019 until 2023. After installing the software above, then you follow the steps to activate offline.

Update: I have updated both ways to activate Avast Premier with the key or the license file.

How to activate Avast Premier with Direct Key

Menu> My licenses> Enter a valid activation code> Enter the code below to activate and press activate is done. Then restart the computer is finished.




2029 (Avast Cleanup only)


2043 (Avast Cleanup only)

How to activate Avast Premier with a License file

Step 1: First, you proceed to download the license file to activate the following copyright: Download the Avast Premier license

Step 2: Download the “License” file and extract it using Winrar software. Go to the extracted folder, you will see 2 files as shown

activate Avast Premier with a License file

Step 3: Open the Avast software, then click the ” Activate ” button or activate

Avast Premier with a License file

Step 4: After that, your software has been activated successfully

How to activate Avast Premier with a License file


Avast allows you to perform a full scan, scan specific folders, run startup or custom scan. You can scan a single item if you right-click on it in Explorer. In addition, there is an option to set the frequency for scans. It can be done every day, week or month.

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