Download KMSpico 10.2.0 Portable: 1 Click activate Windows and Office

KMSpico 10.2.0 Portable

The need to crack Windows 10 or activate Windows 10 copyright is very popular and many people are looking for ways to activate Windows 10 quickly. So Apps4success would like to introduce to you KMSPico 11 Portable – The software that helps to crack windows 10 best today with a 100% activation rate.

In this article, I will guide you about KMS pico software !!!

What is KMSpico?

KMSPico is the trigger used to activate Microsoft Products, such as Windows and Office. It is completely virus and activation software with no malware and is widely trusted.
KMSPico software has two main tasks that users look for: ” Crack Windows ” and ” Crack MSOffice “, when they use Microsoft’s Windows operating system.

I personally use it to activate Windows. This awesome trigger works without the internet and it’s very easy to use. If you do not get advanced Windows features then KMSpico is a very useful tool for active windows and enjoy these features for free with the help of this tool.

Software developed by the venerable TeamDaz, they have also created other KMS tools like KMSAuto that work automatically, they will work just fine for us.

KMSpico 10.2.0 Portable

So if anyone has trouble activating windows, just follow this simple guide to learn how you can do it easily, you’ll also find a download link.

Uses of KMS pico

As you know, the 2 most important software that people often install and use are Windows and Office operating systems. When you download and install this 2 software on the network, the version you use is just a trial version. The trial version is limited to nearly 30 days. When the trial expires, it will ask you to buy a key to activate, otherwise, the feature will be limited. The money spent to buy Windows and Office licenses for Vietnamese brothers.

That’s why KMS pico was born to help you activate your copyright for free. There are many other tools available on the internet that give their users the assurance that they will activate it. But most of that activation software have trojans and malware that damage your device. Particularly for kmspico not okay !!!

How KMSpico works

In this section, everyone will be answered the questions that people often ask when using KMSpico:

Is kmspico safe?

Is kmspico good?

kmspico virus?

I use kmspico?

These are the 4 most commonly asked questions when using this software.

Say there’s a certified brochure, this is the document on the Microsoft homepage, which is completely valid:

To answer these questions of KMSPico you first need to understand how KMS works. As you know that Microsoft cooperates and works with many large and small companies. The number of employees in these companies can be several hundred, several thousand, or tens of thousands. Therefore, employees of these companies want to activate their Windows and Office licenses.

I give an example for you to understand: VinGroup has 10,000 employees, a very large number. VinGroup wants to buy windows and office licenses to use for their company. But the number of employees is so large, VinGroup buys each key for each employee so it takes time for Microsoft. And it is difficult to manage the copyright separately for a company.

To solve this problem, Microsoft has launched an activation tool called “Key Manager Service” (KMS). This way, they don’t need to enter the usual activation key to activate Office and Windows. Instead, they go through the KMS server and this server activates their Microsoft products.

KMS (Key Management Service) is one of the methods to activate Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office. Activation ensures that the software is obtained and licensed by Microsoft. KMS is used by volume license customers, usually medium to large businesses, schools, and non-profits. Personal computers do not need to contact Microsoft, although the KMS server does. KMS customers must be activated at least once every 180 days.

In this way, Microsoft has achieved the activation of licensed product volume. So now every company is using a KMS server instead of buying a license for each computer.

Office and Win KMSpico versions can Activate

  • Win Vista Business / N
  • Win Vista Enterprise / N
  • Win 7 Professional / N
  • Win 7 Enterprise / N
  • Windows 8 All
  • Windows 8.1 All
  • Windows 10 All
  • Office 2010 All
  • Office 2013 All
  • Office 365 All
  • Office 2016 All
  • Server 2008 Standard / Datacenter / Enterprise
  • Server 2008 (R2) Standard / Datacenter / Enterprise
  • Server 2012 Standard / Datacenter / Enterprise
  • Server 2012 (R2) Standard / Datacenter
  • Server All

KMSpico Full download link

KMSPico v10.2.0

KMSPico v10.2.0 Portable

It is recommended that you use the portable KMS pico version, no installation takes time.
Note: Before downloading and installing, you need to turn off Microsoft’s default antivirus software. If you use other anti-virus software, then turn off always

How to turn off Windows Defender

Download the Windows Defender Control software


Click Disable Windows Defender

turn off Windows Defender

Red as shown below is ok. That means you have successfully turned off windows defender

turn off Windows Defender 2

How to setting up KMSpico

You just need to download and extract KMSpico with Winrar.

Step 1: Go to the extracted folder, right-click the file kmspico_setup.exe and select Run as administrator as shown.

How to setting up KMSpico

Step 2: A new blue dialog box appears, click Next > Next> Finish is ok.

Setting up KMSpico Step 2
Note: For KMS pico Portable version, you do not need to install this step to extract and use it. So the portable version will not have step 2.

Step 3: After installing successfully, click the Start button in the right corner of the screen and find KMSpico software to run the program.

Setting up KMSpico Step 3

The interface of the program screen appears as above. Your current job is to just press the red button to activate it.

Step 4: After activation is complete, you can check your computer has successfully activated or not offline.

<p”>Active Windows results using KMSpico:

Setting up KMSpico Step 4

Activated results by KMSpico Office:

Setting up KMSpico Step 5
If you have followed the above steps and still cannot activate, you can try another activation method.


KMSPico is the most famous activator on the internet. This tool is used to activate Windows 10, 8 & 8.1 all versions. It is a free tool developed by famous TeamDaz.

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