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Microsoft Office 2010

Download the original Microsoft Office 2010 officially released by Microsoft in 2010, the most stable version of this office IT suite is 14.0.7214.5000 released in October 2018, to improve delivery. interface and effect compared to previous Office 2007, the Office 2010 software suite soon received user trust with a very new and easy-to-use interface that came with the launch of the Windows 7-based platform. Nowadays, people still use it in almost all fields, especially in Vietnam.

The Office 2010 suite in this article is updated with a direct download link from Microsoft to ensure the cleanest and most stable operation, without changing or adjusting any factors. Office 2010 , codenamed Office 14, is known since the beginning of the Office 2010 suite that the old Office 2007 suite has been neglected and the .DOCX development has also become more popular.

An overview of Microsoft Office 2010

Office 2010 appeared, marking more than 100 new and improved features. The software suite is generally very attractive but, according to the typical Office style, there is more software than any healthy person may need. It also boasts integration with Microsoft Feature Web App, a potential competitor of Google Docs that lets you create and edit documents with a free web-based interface.

The overall interface of Office 2010 is similar to Office 2007, so if you are familiar with the “ribbon” (Microsoft says its research shows that it saves users a lot of time and avoids making mistakes), you should have no trouble transitioning to Office 2010. In fact, the ribbon has now been extended to the entire Office line and eventually it can be customized, a long-overdue feature.

Applications included in Office 2010

  • Microsoft Word 2010 Full Crack
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 Full Crack
  • Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 Full Crack
  • Microsoft Access 2010 Full Crack

The functions of the Office 2010 version

The functions of the Office 2010 version

Protected view:

When you open documents, workbooks, presentations, and Outlook attachments that have been downloaded from the Internet or not authenticated in some way, they will open as read-only in the new protected view. This means that the application runs in a “sandbox” mode to protect you from malicious code unless you enable document editing – similar to how Excel has handled macro code for some versions.

Office web apps:

Office 2010 now includes a Web-based suite of applications – online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote – that work through Windows Live and/or with SharePoint. (Check out the InfoWorld Test Center’s evaluation of Office Web Applications.) The Outlook Web application (new but not a new feature) continues to be available through Exchange 2010.

Add subject:

Themes can now be used on Word, Excel and PowerPoint to ensure a consistent look and feel for your different documents. Microsoft has also increased the number of integrated themes from 20 in Office 2007 to 40 in Office 2010.

Customizable Ribbon Menu Bar:

Many users never adjusted their toolbar in previous versions of Office, while others adjusted it widely. With a custom ribbon, users can gather different tools and tabs, and administrators can create and distribute custom ribbons to users for a more appropriate or simplified approach. at will.

Download Office 2010 Full Crack 32bit and 64bit

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 (32-bit)

  • File Name: ProfessionalPlus.exe
  • Number of bits: x86 (32 bits)
  • Size: 650 MB
  • Language: English
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  • Release date: March 14, 2018

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Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 (64-bit)

  • File Name: professionalplus-x64.exe
  • Number of bits: x64 (64 bits)
  • Size: 718 MB
  • Language: English
  • Code SHA1: 7c2f2d5f8c273724eec70a9efa2ddd800fe3265f
  • MD5 Code: aed12a13590267b2653be2aaa07a8fd1
  • Release date: March 14, 2018

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How to install Office 2010 Full Crack

Step 1: Download and run the installation file

Step 2: Request to enter the Product Key, you just need to copy one of the keys that you have provided in the list below and paste it, then click Continue

Product Key Office 2010 list

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How to install Office 2010 Full Crack

Step 3: Tick the box “I aceept the terms of this agreemnet” and click Continue

How to install Office 2010 Full Crack step 3

Step 4: Click Install Now

How to install Office 2010 Full Crack step 4

Step 5: Wait for the software to install

How to install Office 2010 Full Crack step 5

Step 6: Click Close

How to install Office 2010 Full Crack step 6

Step 7: So you have completed the installation of Microsoft Office 2010 software. After the installation is complete, you open any one of Office 2010 software, such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint anything. . Tick the box “Don’t make changes” and click OK

How to install Office 2010 Full Crack step 7

The process of installing and installing Office 2010 on win 7, win 8, win 10 was successful. But this is only a trial version. For permanent use, you need to crack office 2010

Instructions to Crack Microsoft Office 2010

To use Microsoft Office 2010 permanently, you need to crack. If not, then spend a few days and Microsoft will not let you use it. To crack is easy, see the article: How to crack office 2010

So I have finished you guide how to install and use Microsoft Office 2010 software then, if you have any questions, please comment below the article.

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