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Download Microsoft office 2013

Download Microsoft Office 2013 original link directly from Microsoft to ensure quick download for free. Office 2013 was first released by Microsoft in early 2013 under its Windows 8 operating system, later updated to the latest stable version in 2018 and runs well on all Windows operating systems. Integrating up to 40 different languages and upgrading more Cloud Plugins has helped Office 2013 be widely installed, whether Office 2016 or 2019 is available, the Office 2013 version is still considered to be running well and responsive. meet basic needs in an office environment.

Ribbon eye interface, integration with Skype, Yammer, and SkyDrive is one of many new improvements mentioned when Microsoft released Office 2013, a dramatic improvement in technology and the first step in the process. office people.

Introducing Microsoft office 2013

Microsoft has released the next version of its productivity suite today. Developed under the name of Office 15, it has an official name of Office Office 2013.

At first glance, Office 2013 does not seem to be much different from Office 2010. The layout of the applications is a bit neater and on tablets, most items are well spaced so that applications can easily control fingertip direction. However, familiar touches remained. For example, the menu options range introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 has been rumored to appear, but it is still alive and active in Office 2013. And, at least in the preview applications that Microsoft provides us, it is not hidden by default.

Download Microsoft office 2013
Download Microsoft office 2013

In the most basic standard version of Microsoft Office 2013, we will have Access, Excel, Project, Publisher, Skype for Business, Visio, Word, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint. The version mentioned in this article will sum up (Full) all of the above tools.

New functionality in Microsoft office 2013

Basically, Microsoft Office 2013 is the biggest change in the interface that has been designed more beautiful, elegant and softer. In particular, the interface of Microsoft office 2013 has also been changed in a way that is friendly to the touch screen and stylus to meet Windows 8 tablets.

In addition, functions such as text editor Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email, data sharing have been improved to suit the needs of advanced users. Moreover, these functions possess a better compatibility talent on platforms that use computers. In which Word 2013 text editor software with online working functions is considered the most impressive highlight of this Microsoft office 2013 suite.

New functionality in Microsoft office 2013
New functionality in Microsoft office 2013

Besides, Microsoft Office 2013 also possesses other functions such as:

  • Reboot screen
  • Visibility of ribbon interface and exquisite animation at import or purchase (Word and Excel)
  • New graphical options are built into Word
  • A whole new picture for scheduled tasks in Microsoft Outlook
  • Objectives such as visual possession can be moved freely; they possess a talent that moves to boundaries such as the edge of a paragraph, the boundary of a document and the boundaries of a column.
  • New designs, animations, and transitions are included in PowerPoint 2013.
  • Ability to return to the location last viewed or changed in Word and PowerPoint
  • Talented support integrated with Skype, Yammer, and SkyDrive

What’s new in Word, Excel and Powerpoint 2013?

Word 2013

Word is also more flexible with images and graphics. It has a live view. With it, you can drag images, charts and other graphics around the page, flowing text and wrapping around it. The Format menu tab appears when you add an image. It has alignment guides, helps you organize your graphics, and provides various layouts that surround text around your graphic.

Reading mode, available from the View tab, eliminates the distraction of all menu items, giving you a full-screen view of your document. It is especially welcome when working on a small tablet. The reading mode still gives you some tools; You can bookmark text and add comments. And with comments, you can now reply to other people’s comments, and you can mark comments as done, which makes the comment.

Word 2013

The first thing worth noting about Word 2013 is how clean the interface is. With the ugly Ribbon interface hidden away, you can really focus on the text. A simple tap on one of the Ribbon titles will bring it into view smoothly. Click in the document area to start typing again and the menus slide away.

Excel 2013

Excel 2013 analyzes your data as you go. The new Quick Analysis button offers a number of useful suggestions, from formatting options to highlight your data to charts, tables, and sparklines. Just highlight a data sheet and a small Quick Analysis button appears in the lower right corner with a menu of options.

Excel 2013

PowerPoint 2013

A common feature on many Office 2013 products is the new Office Start screen. Reminiscent of the Start screen of Windows 8, the version of Office gives you quick access to topics and templates – an approach that works well in a tool like PowerPoint, helping you find an appropriate style. for the presentation.

PowerPoint 2013

The most obvious change to PowerPoint is that it has finally caught up to the widescreen trend, which can now be properly labeled. Slides created in PowerPoint 2013 have a 16: 9 aspect ratio by default. If you’re giving a presentation in a school or other environment that still has an older screen in use, you can switch to standard 4: 3 slide sizes or create custom sizes.

PowerPoint also borrows from Excel, allowing you to insert charts. It’s almost like an Excel window is added to PowerPoint when you add a chart because you not only add graph graphics but the actual Excel chart that you can edit and format.

Link Download Microsoft Office 2013 Full Newest

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Version: Office Professional Plus 2013 with Service Pack 1 (x86) – DVD (English)
File Name: en_office_professional_plus_2013_with_sp1_x86_dvd_3928181.iso
Type: 32 Bit (x86)
Size: 717 MBytes
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SHA1 Code: 2E8218DAC87D784C18B7A16D7D4F6B44A37E574A
Release date: 2014-03-18 09:49:29


Version: Office Professional Plus 2013 with Service Pack 1 (x64) – DVD (English)
File Name: en_office_professional_plus_2013_with_sp1_x64_dvd_3928183.iso
Type: 64 Bit (x64)
Size: 833 MBytes
Language: English (English)
SHA1 Code: 45279C0EC7C75F82980F1D63BD05650D17264A4F
Release date: 2014-03-18 09:49:29

How to install Microsoft Office 2013

Step 1: Download the installation file and extract it with WinRAR . Go to the unzipped folder and run the setup.exe file

installing Microsoft Office 2013

Step 2: Tick the box “I accept the terms of this agreement” and click the Continue button

installing Microsoft Office 2013 2

Step 3: Click Install Now

installing Microsoft Office 2013 3

Step 4: Wait for the installation process to succeed

installing Microsoft Office 2013 4

Step 5: Install successfully, click Close

installing Microsoft Office 2013 5

How to Crack Office 2013 Full

To use Microsoft Office 2013 software, you need to crack to activate the copyright. Please see the following article and follow it: Instructions to crack Office 2013

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